There’s Been A Misunderstanding

by SMARTY Diana. 1 Comment

Alexa Fischer, Wanda Wen and Me

I got a note from someone this week wondering if SMARTY was for her – an established business owner – noting that the organization seems “geared for start-ups.” I had to laugh a little, knowing how many of you are veterans – pulling in hundreds of thousands (or in some cases, millions) a year, with books on best-seller lists, products in stores like Sephora, Barney’s and Wal-Mart, and client rosters that look like a Who’s Who of brands. We must not even measure success in dollars…let’s measure it in living by our own terms!

Maybe it’s because we interview so many successful people – and because we’re asking the questions, it might seem like we don’t know the answers ourselves? (Nope. We love case studies, though, and realize you’re never too successful to learn from someone else’s story.)

Maybe it’s because there’s a perception that if you “need community”, you must not be very good at what you do? (Oh, boy.)

We love our early stage business owners, and our goals for them are to help them build a solid foundation. But the real genius of SMARTY is how many diversified backgrounds thrive within this community. We’re all beginners at something. And, we’re all masters at something else.

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One Response to There’s Been A Misunderstanding

  1. Agatha K, The Fun Money Nerd says:

    I totally agree that community is needed, no matter where you’re at with your business! Not only is it easier to succeed if you have the support of others, but it’s also a lot more fun. It can get very lonely as an entrepreneur if you don’t have anyone to talk to or support you. I look forward to coming to a future Smarty meeting to finally check it out!

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