Key Takeaways From Accessory Business 101

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Christine Syquia of Accessory Business 101

Key Takeaways from Accessory Business 101, The SMARTY Peer to Peer Workshop with Christine Syquia

Facebook e-commerce:
Are you a small- to medium-sized retailer that wants to set up shop on Facebook on a shoestring budget? Well, San Francisco based Payvment has created a solution for you — and it’s free. The company’s software allows retailers to create Facebook storefronts that accept payments via credit cards and PayPal. Payvment’s ecommerce Facebook app allows anyone with a retail store to set up shop on Facebook and create a compelling storefront, complete with discount offers, incentive programs, and the ability for customers to complete their purchases within Facebook. The app even prompts buyers to become a fan of a store in order to receive exclusive deals. The app offers unique features for shoppers as well, allowing them to carry their goods with them across thousands of Payvment-powered storefronts on Facebook.

According to Payvment’s CEO Christian Taylor, the company was setting up 250 new Facebook retailers each day as of last December, and hosts more than 40,000 with 750,000 items for sale. Notable shops include Grayce By Molly SimsYes To Carrots and Cartoon Network’s Adult Swim UK.

Packaging in the USA:
Try RTR Bag. Their minimums are high, but they put out a great quality product.

Defining Success:
An article I wrote about how I define success.  Click here to read it.

About the Peer to Peer Program:
The SMARTY Peer to Peer program gives experts within the SMARTY community opportunities to present content-rich information on topics ranging from social media, finance, accounting, branding, marketing, public relations and other areas of entrepreneurial interest.   Attendees get the benefit of the presenter’s authority and experience in a field, while the presenter enjoys a visible platform from which to share her products or services. To attend a workshop visit our calendar


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